How to Apply the Prosthetic

It's best to have help with applying, and give yourself plenty of time.

First let’s Talk Materials!

- Most you probably already have!

1. Hair Gel - any brand you just want just stronger hold the better.

2. Bobby Pins

3. Hair Spray and a brush or comb

4. Makeup

5. Gelatin Blood - you can purchase this along with the prosthetic or make a similar blood at home. Recipe provided below.

6. Witch Hazel - I got mine from target for $3ish.

7. Q-tips

8. Skin Glue - you can find "Spirt Gum" at those pop up Halloween shops. Although I don’t recommend it, it works well enough. Pros-Aid is a much better skin glue but can be harder to find and a bit more expensive.


Lastly your Softball or Baseball Prosthetic! - Obviously you will need this! Take it and place it on your head wherever you would like, the front (labeled to the left) is to attach to your forehead. Make sure it is back far enough to not cover your eye. If you need to trim the edges you can do so by pulling the transparent edges till it tears off, be careful however to only remove the transparent(see though) edges. If you remove too much the edges will get thick and will then not blend well into your skin.

Barely there Zombie Makeup Reusable Removal Very Dead Zombie 1 (800x450) 2 (800x450)

Now you’re ready for Application!

Step 1 is easy, just gel and bobby pin back your hair wherever the prosthetic is going. Try and get your hair as flat as possible and let it dry a bit before step 2.

PhotoGrid_1472412109622 (800x418)

Step 2, heat the blood gel in 5 second intervals until it is runny. Make sure to not let it boil. This step can be the most dangerious, the blood gel even after 10 seconds can get really really hot and putting this on your skin too early will burn. You need to let it cool till its a bit thicker, test it by touching the container first. Then carefully test it on the back of your hand, if you need let it cool all the way then re heat it till you get a good idea of the tempature. You want it to be still pliable yet not too hot where it burns you. Once you got that tempature, apply it to your hair over the gel and bobby pins.


Step 3, also take the blood when warm and apply onto the inside of the prostetic, skiping the part that applys to your forehead.

Then as its still warm stick it onto your head carefully makeing sure it is in the correct position. like showin in the picture to the left and below.

Step 4, apply the skin glue to your forehead and the inside of the prosthetic. Once the glue is tacky, push down on the prosthetic from the center out to the edge. Putting on more skin glue as needed till the edges are tacked down like shown below. i was pretty happy with my edges. With the skin glue, avoid your eyebrow like i did here, use more of the gelatin blood instead.

You’re almost done! Step 5, using the remaining gelatin blood; heat it again like in step 2. Use the blood to tack down the edges of the prosthetic to your hair. I found it best to put some of the blood on the craft stick, slide the stick under the prosthetic then push down on the prosthetic and pull out the stick. Do this alllll around the entire prosthetic.  Any edges you still see take a Q-tip and some of that witch hazel to dissolve the edges a bit. This will help blend it to your skin.

Last step! Hair and Makeup time, for your hair tease and hair spray around the edge of the prostetic. Making your hair fuller gives it the illusion that your missing hair rather than just covering it up. For makeup, I posted below some links to YouTube videos with simple zombie makeup tutorials to help you. For blending the edges stipple your makeup onto the prosthetic as well. Transparent makeup works best, thick face paint painted on will actually make the edge stand out more. If the edge is still really noticeable after all that you can always take some of the leftover gelatin blood and use that to cover it a bit more. Ya! Your done! Hope you love this zombie look!

Just Dead Zombie Step 1 of Applicaion by TaylorAnnArt_wm Step 3 of Applicaion by TaylorAnnArt_wm Step 2 of Applicaion by TaylorAnnArt_wm Step 3.5 of Applicaion by TaylorAnnArt_wm Step 4.5 of Applicaion by TaylorAnnArt_wm Step 4 of Applicaion by TaylorAnnArt_wm Step 5 of Applicaion by TaylorAnnArt_wm Step 5.5 of Applicaion by TaylorAnnArt_wm