Have a cast you never did anything with? Or want one?

I can take your cast and make it into a beautiful keepsake.


If you haven't done so already, doing the cast is a easy and fun project you can do with friends and family. See below for resources on doing this yourself.

It's taking the cast and making it strong, smooth, and pretty that can be the challenging part so don't worry about that just send it to me and I'll take care of it!


My Process: First I strengthen the cast and add layers where it is needed to create a strong base. Next I mix up a special homemade clay recipe that is both light weight and strong. I apply this all over the cast, let dry then sand to a smooth finish. Now it just needs a primer and on to painting! After the painting/decorating is done I seal the cast with a crystal clear gloss varnish so It will last for years to come!


BellyCast by TaylorAnnArt-WR2

Pregnancy Casting keepsake

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