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Have a broken beat up homemade cast in storage?

Didn't like the out come or don't have the guts to paint it yourself?

Or maybe you are considering getting the "Do it Yourself" kits and making one of these with the help of the husband or friends? Your in the right place!


No disaster is too big! I can put together broken parts and re-sculpt parts if needed.


I am a professional Fine Art Artist. I can paint hyper realism, abstract and everything in between! I can copy any image and even make something totally unique.


Doing the cast is the easy part! Watch a view videos, read the instructions and you and a helper will have no problem figuring it out. Just keep in mind your position and the edges, its cheep and as long as the form is there I can work with it! I suggest casting more than less, I can cut parts away easily but can only add a inch or two to the edge of the cast. I do not do the casting process, only restoration.


What those do it yourself kits don't teach you is how to get a nice smooth surface and how to paint.

That's where I can help!


  • First I strengthen the cast and add layers where is needed to create a strong base.

  • Next I have a special secret homemade clay recipe that is light weight strong and smooth. I coat the cast and sand it, this is also the step where I do a little sculpting if necessary.

  • Lastly Decorations and paint! I can paint anything you want. Photo Transfers, hand made flowers, foam parts and a fake tank top are just a few of many options!


Are you near San Diego Ca 91941?

We can meet in person to discuss details, pick up the cast and drop off.

All other orders will need to be shipped use the zip code above to calculate the rate.

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