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Wedding Photos By James Tang

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Wedding Details


Beach Days

Room Makeover

hotgluetoptaylorannart 20160625_Pine-Rose-Cabins-Wedding-Taylor-Chris_016 Softball Zombie Accessory by TaylorAnnArt_wm

Hot Glue Clothing

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Colorful Hair


Graduation Cap



My Wedding

- Dress & Attire

- DIY Flowers

- Centerpieces

- Love Story

- Details

- Vendor List


Colorful Brides

- Lovely Lime

- Insta-Inspiration

- Super & Sweet


Dress up Time

- Sports Zombies

- Hot Glue Corset

- Making Blood


Artist Life

- Colorful Hair

- Grad Cap

- Colorful Walls

- Pen Sketch Book


My Life

- Going Viral

- 1 yr after Viral

- Dyslexia

- Love Story

- Prayerful Heart

- Talent or Skill?

Welcome into my Brain.

It's colorful here, lots of pictures. DIY's. Tips. Stories. Brutal Honesty and Errors...pardon my Dyslexic mind.