Mad Chemist Time

Let's make a gooey sticky bloody mess shall we?

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I LOVE Gelatin, its inexpensive, quite forgiving, and quite fun!

The recipe I use for the prosthetics has professional grade materials that are not readily available; however you can make a pretty good copycat recipe using items found at your local grocery store.


The basic recipe is:

1 teaspoon Knox-brand gelatin x 1 teaspoon hot water x 1/4 teaspoon glycerin

However..... Other materials can be added to this mix to create your own special blend.

Elmer’s white glue

sugar-free maple syrup

white corn syrup

and Powdered Zinc Oxide

All can be used in small amounts to help strengthen your recipe.

After you get a successful mix just add gel food coloring, lots of red and a tiny bit of black make a nice blood color.


4 packs of Knox unflavored Gelatin (found at Grocery Stores)

4 tablespoons of Glycerin (pictured)

1 teaspoon Elmer's Glue

1 teaspoon water

Half a container of Red Gel Icing Color (pictured)

a tiny speck of Black food coloring



Mix the Gelatin, Glycerin, and water in a microwavable bowl then let sit till the Gelatin dissolves a bit and hardens. 2-3 hours or overnight.

Next add the remaining ingredients and mix. Lastly place the mixture in the microwave and heat in 5 second intervals for about 45 seconds mixing occasionally. Just be carefully not to let the Gelatin mix boil.

At this point feel free to add more food coloring as you feel is needed. I then like to freeze the mixture, and reheat it when I needed to use.

My At Home Mix

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Care Information:

Store both the prosthetic and the gelatin blood in the freezer until ready to use. Remember they are heat sensitive and break down underwater so avoid hot tubs, well and other really hot things or wet.

The prosthetic will only be good for one application.

To remove, simply take a nice warm shower and it will start to fall off.

Use the skin glue remover as needed. That and the gel will be the hardest to remove; the blood and prosthetic removal will be very simple and easy.

If you are trying to save the prosthetic for a second use focus the water on your hair not the prosthetic. Then gently pull till it comes off and set it outside of the shower on a plate so it doesn’t melt more.

Click the link below for more details on how to fix it for another use.

Softball Zombie Prosthetic Close up by TaylorAnnAr Gelatin Blood by Taylor Ann Art_wm Reusable Removal