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Pots, Vases, and Games

Let's Start form the beginning,

Once I decided on purple tables and o so colorful flowers I knew it needed a white spacer to lighten up the table and give the flowers height.

I decided on wood texture to keep it tied into the woodsy venue. Lastly I added the games for the non-dancers since I wasn't going to have any other sort of entertainment.

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Okay now onto the Making Process,

First I needed wood texture, so I carved some wood grain texture and built this massive slab mold out of plaster. I still have it meaning if you want one of these ceramics I can total make you one ;)

Granted after making  around 50 of these I totally wished I had built a slip mold so I could just poor the clay and then pop out a done vase, but I had to be difficult and fancy of course.

OOOO but were not done yet!!! 

Then RE carve the wood texture where the clay was seamed together and let it dry for like 3 days.

No, still not done…next sand the dry clay, wear a mask because clay flies! Prepare to look like Timmy Timmons from the Sandlot after the vacuum explosions. Yes, That Bad.

Now last step you got to find a place to fire alllll the ceramics you just made, o and you should consider glazing the inside for the vases. However I mightttt have just skipped this step since the flowers are fake… the clay I used was “Steve’s white” low fire (more forgiving) it looks gray art first but then fires to a nice white.

Yay all done! Well not really, 

that was just the pots and vases got to grow succulents, plant them, color and add moss, arrange and add flowers. Then you’re done.

Alright next step, "throw" the clay and role it to keep it bubble free, slap it on the mold and roll again.

And then carefully peal it off, repeat, repeat, repeat……

Once the clay has firmed up a bit, cut the shapes needed for that pot or vase, so 4 sides and one bottom piece. Get the slip (think clay glue) score the pieces and assemble.

Just one last thought. 

DO NOT LEAVE IT OUTSIDE UNCOVERED OVERNIGHT. Let’s just say some bugs did not realize these were fake flowers and not for them to hide in. Pincher bugs, spiders, and moths all tried to make my centerpieces home. That’s what I get though for being too tired to clean up the whole backyard just to unpack it again and get back to work in the morning. Artist life man.  

Those little dishes and pebbles come together to make a Mancala game!  

I put little directions on the table for the guests. Some tables had tic-tac-toe and others had cards in a little handmade box.

20160625_Pine-Rose-Cabins-Wedding-Taylor-Chris_012 20160625_Pine-Rose-Cabins-Wedding-Taylor-Chris_012 14222085_1483353948357079_5572564102136843607_n (700x394) 14212137_1483353698357104_3697413386133371183_n (7 IMG_2073 (800x644) IMG_2886 (600x800) IMG_20160513_093243 (800x800)
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