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Centerpiece DIY tips

I handmade each vase and flower with help from family and friends. Here you can see the process, photos, and a few litte tips about designing your own.

Planning your Design.  

Your centerpieces can be what ties your reception, ceremony, and venue together.  My venue was very earthy but my colors were very bright so how to tie those together? I decided on wood texture to add a natural feel without using natural earthy colors. Next I tied in the ceremony by using the same flowers in my bouquet consistently throughout the venue.  

As your planning don't forget to step back! This was hard for me, I wanted color EVERYWHERE! yet pair colorful table cloths with colorful flowers and colorful vases and your table is lost under a blur of color. Making the vases white was essential to make the flowers stand out and not get lost in the purple table.

Plan the Making Process,

In college I focused my study on ceramics, so it was an easy choice for me. When DIY-ing your own centerpieces consider your own options. Maybe you can't do ceramics but can you mod-podge like a boss? Take some cheap vases and mod-podge wood grain texture to it! Think creatively and you can always find several solutions.

Just remember if you have a large event you will need to make lots of these. Be prepared to work like crazy or keep it simple. I saved a lot of money making these by hand...however if I used that time to work instead of make freebies for my wedding….well I could have probably made more money then I ended up saving.

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Just to give you an idea on what it took to make these from scratch...

1. Carve a slab of wood gain for a mold

2. Make the plaster mold of it.

3. Wedge and throw clay into a slab

4. Role slab onto the mold, remove then let it harder a little.

5. Repeat till you have room to cut 4 sides and a bottom

6. Measure and cut

7. Use slip (clay glue) to attach the pieces together.

8. re-carve wood texture at the joints.

9. Let dry completely then sand

10. Fire ceramics

11. repeat 20 times

12. beg for help from family and friends.

13. Repeat 30 more times.

Yay all done! Well not really,

that was just the pots and vases got to grow succulents, plant them, color and add moss, arrange and add flowers. Then you’re done.

See Below For Images of this Crazy Process!

Just one last thought. 


Let’s just say some bugs did not realize these were fake flowers and not for them to hide in. Pincher bugs, spiders, and moths all tried to make my centerpieces home. That’s what I get though for being too tired to clean up the whole backyard just to unpack it again and get back to work in the morning. Artist life man.  

Those little dishes and pebbles come together to make a Mancala game!  

I put little directions on the table for the guests. Some tables had tic-tac-toe and others had cards in a little handmade box.

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