Hot Glue Corset Top by TaylorAnnArt Photo Transfer on belly cast by TaylorAnnArt Colorful Crayon Heart Suclptures by TaylorAnnArt 20160625_Pine-Rose-Cabins-Wedding-Taylor-Chris_012

Custom Wedding Dress Coloring

I'm the bride in the ombre sunset dress, and since my gown went viral I decided to offer this service for other brides to be!

This is not a dip dye, allowing for more color control, more colors, and color on synthetic materials. A truly unique process to add color for one of a kind brides.

Hot Glue Corset Tops

I hate sewing, but love fashion and mid-sew screaming “O why can’t I just use glue!” —I decide hey why not that could work. And the Hot glue Corset was born! Although the size options are limited this is one surprisingly comfortable and sexy top, perfect for halloween or the husband ;)

Pregnant Belly Cast Restorations & Decoration

These are such a fun way to remember and celebrate pregnancy. They sell all sorts of DIY kits for this but i’ll let you in on a secrete, doing the cast is the easy part! The hard part is decoration and finishing it to a sturdy smooth and beautiful form. Thats exactly what I help with! I can take a cast thats in pieces even and make it durable smooth and light with my own unique paper clay recipe. I can even handle the painting and decorations to fit any look you desire.

Crayon Human Hearts

I sculpted this form of a human heart then made a mold of it and pulled casts from it. Each Heart has about 30 crayons in it. Each one is slightly different although taken from the same mold I have distorted and melted them slightly to make them more organic and "bloody".

They fit nice in the hand and are meant to be played with and broken but can be expressive and colorful just like the human heart <3

Use them for display, play or to give away.

Custom Order Prints of any 2D work

Currently prints are available for all 2D work, size of the print relies on the size of the original (can’t go bigger) but other than that there is no boundaries. You can get it printed as a puzzle, on a shirt, canvas, phone case, pillow anything! Check out Zazzle.com for some ideas but feel free to look at other printing companies as well like bayphoto.com for professional prints and society6.

Just keep in mind the price of the product will increase with my fee for the image. Email me for the cost or with questions.

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