The form to the right is ONLY for Bride's who have there dress already.

Otherwise use the pricing details here to estimate your cost.


Things to Consider:

Since the colors are blended they needed to be analogous colors. For Example: if you want purple and green I will need to add at least a small strip of blue to make them fade nicely.

Dont know what colors? I can help you chose based on the other colors in your wedding.


Neon, Metallic, Pearl and Iridescent colors available for an extra fee.  


Your dress doesn’t have to be white! Just as long as the colors you want added are darker than the color of your dress. - White is best however for brighter colors like neons.


My Paint does change the feel of the fabric slightly, worried about this? Order a sample!


DO NOT DRY CLEAN, you can however gently hand wash, Iron, and steam if needed.


If your lining is thin, the under side of the dress will be most likey messy as paint soaks through. I only color the back side of the lining if it will show when you have the dress on.


I use a PAINT not a Dye. The paint I use is acrylic based permanent fabric color. Non-Yellowing. Heat Setting.  


Terms and Conditions:

For full details downlad the dress contract below.

For Payment, 25% of cost due at booking another 25% due once dress is shipped and last 50% is due before return shipping.

Dress Contract Download