Price Estimate Guide

1. How Many Colors?

    Add 50 for each Light Color and 100 for each Dark Color you would like on your dress.

          (ex: Red, Orange and Yellow = 250)


2. Fabric Layers?


For one color options you pick a main color. I slightly darken that color along the rim of the dress. I then follow that with a large section of color you choose followed by lighter tints until it's blended out completely.


Three or More Colors follow the same process just with more transitions. Keep in mind for soft ombre fades the colors need to mix well. For example you can't have red and yellow without orange in the middle, unless you dont want the colors to fade together. Bellow are some examples of 3, 4, 5, and 6 color fades.

Types of Trains

  • SWEEP - Also called the “brush,” this train is less than a foot and a half long, barely dusting the ground.

  • CHAPEL - The most popular and most traditional choice for brides. They extend between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 feet from the waist.

  • CATHEDRAL - Chapel trains taken to the extreme. They extend between 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 feet from the waist.

  • MONARCH - Extending 12+ feet from the waist.


Details From:  www.weddinglds.com - Follow link for photos!

3. Length of Dress

        Short - 140

         High-Low -240

         Tea Length - 140

         Long -140

         Sweep - 240

         Chapel - 340

         Cathedral - 440

         Monarch - Email me for estimate.


Now Time for some Math!

Follow questions 1 - 3 and keep track of the Numbers.

Then add the 3 amounts together to get your total!

See the Gray boxes to the right for helpful info and examples.

EXAMPLE - The Sunset Dress

1. Colors: 2 Light Colors 3 Dark Colors =$400

2. Fabric: Lace 5 Plus Layers = $900

3. Length: Chapel =$340


Color + Fabric + Length = Estimate

$400 + $900 +$340 = $1640

Return shipping included.


You taking the time to do a little math is extreamly helpful, so I can devote my time to adding the perfect touch of color . So Thank YOU!

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Three Color Ex

Want Something New?

I have been experimenting with many ideas!

  • UV Neon Colors, Metalic Colors, Iredsent Colors, Patterning and more! Email me if you would like to discuss further. Pricing will vary from what is shown here.

For two color options you pick 2 main colors that blend well. I use the darkest color along the rim of the dress. I then blend that color into the 2nd color. Lastly blend the 2nd color out completely so your dress is back to its orginal color around mid thigh.

Four Color Ex

Five Color Ex        Six Color Ex