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New Price Estimator in the Works

June 25th 2016 I walked down the aisle in a colored wedding dress. (Story Here)

Then my wedding went viral and I quickly realized I wasn't the only one out there that wanted more color.

I decided to offer this as a service and got to work perfecting my method. (Hint: It's not a dip dye, just painted to look like it)


Completely Unique Process Providing...

Permanent Color

Countless Color Options

Application on all Fabric Types

Soft Transitions & More


Custom Coloring

F.A.Q. Dress Coloring Price Estimator Order Form


  • 1. Go dress shopping and find the perfect gown for you! (I do not provide dresses) Curious about cost? Use my price Estimator page to help you get an idea of what I charge for coloring.

  • 2. Next find your wedding shoes and schedule a meeting with an tailor. At the tailor/alterations shop have them check the hem and ask if any other alterations will need to be done to the skirt portion of the dress. If it's just the hem then have that taken care of and then your ready for coloring!

  • 3. Make an appointment with me soon enough before the wedding to allow for bust and top alterations after. If your dress needs to be altered completely before coloring, ask for the alterations to be completely done at LEAST 5 weeks prior to your wedding. I will need 2-3 weeks with your dress, not including the time needed to ship.


    Anytime AFTER you have your dress you can contact me to set up your dress appointment and discuss the coloring using the form here! 


    Worried about shipping? You can meet me in person, I live in San Diego 91941. Live to far? Then consider getting your package insured and bag your dress before boxing, for best results fold and the bust/skirt line then roll the skirt is needed to avoid folds, vacuum bags are great too for saving space.

Dress Coloring Prices Dress Contract Download