Removing and Reusing Options

How to make a “technically” one use prosthetic  --- last a bit longer

The key to reusing is carefully removing

If you’re carful enough you can get it removed so the ball is still painted and untouched.

         To remove while preserving the ball run/poor water on your hair and under the prosthetic. If you get the edges wet that’s totally fine just avoid getting the ball wet, you can even use the bowl I shipped the prosthetic with to hold over the ball. This just helps you keep the water off it. Also take your spirit gum remover if you have it and work that under the prosthetic as well using a Q-tip. This process will be slow, but soon you will be able to pull the prosthetic off and then wash the rest of the blood out of your hair. AS SOON AS YOU HAVE IT OFF put it on a plate away from water and heat. See Fix #1 if you were able to remove it without wetting the ball.

       Now if you don't have a helper to get it off, or if this is for your kid and they don't have the patience...well then just hopping in a warm shower and tug gently till it comes off. Place it safely outside the shower to deal with later. Any gelatin blood stuck in your hair will wash out. In the end the paint job will be gone and edges probably rounded and thicker but it’s still fixable! Check out Fix #2

           Worried about painting? Did you use really hot water and are now left with a goopy mess? Maybe did the ball melt or get a hole in it? Doesn’t matter what you did to this thing there is still hope you can get some use out of it! ----- skip down to Fix #3

Fix #1 Congrats on doing a wonderful job so far, you’re almost ready for another application!

        First off establish where you are going to place it. On the forehead and into your hair like I have it? Then follow these steps exactly. Going for the back of the head with no attaching to the skin? If so you’re done! Seriously I mean it, you don't need to fix the edges for hair application since it will be covered by blood anyway. Only need to follow the steps bellow for any spot where the prosthetic will come in contact with your skin.

         Materials: (shown in image #2) Something hot (like a candle and match, small heat gun, or wood burning knife),Something that will get hot and has a semi flat side (like an Exacto knife or tweezers) , Baby powder,  a smooth plastic or glass surface , and Hair spray.

          The procedure:

1. Baby powder the prosthetic like crazy then dust it off(both sides).

2.Lay it on a smooth surface like glass and mark out where the prosthetic will come in contact with skin

3.Heat the flat side of your metal object (for me that way an Exacto blade warmed by candle light). No matter what your object is just remember these points: Keep heat away from the prosthetic, don’t burn yourself, and it doesn’t need to be extremely hot.

4.Melt and drag the edge of the prosthetic with your hot metal object wherever you have marked. Basically you are trying to make a smooth transition from your surface to the prosthetic. (like shown in the picture below)

5.Once you have done this everywhere the prosthetic will touch skin baby powder and dust it again.  Also get the baby powder on your hands, and then carefully peel off the prosthetic, baby powdering the inside as you go. Try and keep all your fathered thin edges. Thinner the edge better it will blend.

6.Lastly Hair spray the prosthetic to make it shiny and beautiful again.

7.Nope... no seven you’re done! Ya! It's all ready to be applied again.

Fix #2

        Materials: Baby powder,  Hair spray, Face/makeup paints-Yellow, black, Red and White, Paint brushes (at least one very small one), and a sponge.

        The procedure: Painting ---  if your prosthetic is sticky baby powder it first.

1.Start painting by sponging on the ball white, let that dry then add the yellow if you don’t have white two layers of yellow should work as well. Be sure to "stamp" not swipe so you don’t get any streaks. (Optional) At this step you can also add a tiny bit of black or brown splotches to look like the ball got banged up.

2.Paint red around the ball and anywhere the "skin" appears torn. Make sure to get the inside flaps as well and its okay to be a little messy.

3.With a tiny brush add black dots to the rim of the lacing, you will see a little indent for it.

4.Add some black into the red as well, just a little, in the deepest parts to create more depth.

5.With that tiny brush again carefully paint the lace red

6.Take a clean wet sponge and wipe of any paint that got on the skin part.

7.Let it dry then hair spray, let it dry again then move on to fixing the edges.  

          For fixing the edge please scroll up and follow Fix #1 just skip step 1 of fix 1. You’re almost done really! Almost!

Fix for Gelatin

Bad edges like this?

Fix #1

Paint Job Gone?

Fix #2

Practically destroyed?

Fix #3

Steps for Fixing 123 Steps for Fixing 4 IMG_20161017_111645

Fix #3  -I'm not sure if this is a fix or more like a way to DIY it. Basically if you messed it up beyond repair you’re going to turn the remains into a nice gel blood.

    Materials:  Microwave safe bowl, Mixing stick, Red gel food coloring, a smooth thick plastic or glass surface, Baby powder, a real softball, something to cut that softball with.

    The procedure:

1.Take your real softball and cut it in half, you only need the skin of it so if you can’t cut the core just cut around the skin and then peal it off. Power tools are recommended, this won’t be easy.

2.Take the remains from the gelatin softball prosthetic cut it up and place in a microwave safe bowl.

3.Heat it in 5 second incumbents until melted completely, do not over heat causing it to boil.

4.Add your food coloring to desired color. Mix well.

5.Poor some of the blood mixture on your glass/smooth surface, just a tad bigger than the circumference of the ball.

6.Wait for that to get tacky then set the ball skin on it.

7.Apply more blood around the outside of the ball, as it cools use that to you advantage to build it up thicker.

8.Let cool completely for an hour then baby powder it and carefully peel off. Powder inside as well.

9.Lastly hairspray top of it and you’re ready to use it again! I know ...not the same as the first time. But it works to get a similar effect.

Painitng Softball Paint345 cleanup
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Hope this information was helpful and easy to follow.

If you have any questions just ask!

Lastly please pardon my bad spelling and grammar, I try to fix it as best as I can but I am Learning Disabled in my ability to read and write. Thank you

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