An Unexpected Love Story

We met in high school, I think officially junior year but I knew of him sophomore year. Friend of a friend kind of deal, and soon enough we were really close friends. Although he didn't really want to be just friends my mind for one reason or another was set, I could never date Chris.


Years pass and we get stuck in this routine. Best of friends telling each other everything, being there for one another always and then...a look, a smile, a joke, and a love letter from Chris to Taylor. Taylor Runs.

Not once, not twice maybe a dozen times. The reasons are endless. There was another boy, we were too good of friends, I didn't see him that way, too much commitment, I don't want to ruin this, maybe were not right for each other. At this point everyone knew I liked him but me. Everyone told him to give up but he wouldn't. That was until college, forth year, he finally had enough of my flakey flirty friendship, I messed up one to many times leading him on then running off and he was done.

Friendship over. Goodbye. Delete.

I lost him.

Me: embarrassed, guilty

Him: angry, over it

Me: missing him

Him: blocking the thought of me out.

Me: thinking he will contact me soon

Him: determined to not contact me

Me: over this, over life feeling quite lonely, realizing I knew everything about this boy, good and bad and I wanted to be with him. Realizing I loved him.  

Me: ready to do something crazy, can't take another day without him.

Me: I at least have to try... how about a really really long love confession from Taylor to Chris


Him: ... let's talk

Me: determined to let him know I've changed. This time, it's different.

Him: willing to see, one last time.

I told him the first time we met up to talk that I'm not running. This is for the long run. We hadn't talked for months but I was committed to him that day.


3ish years later on June 25 2016 we got married!

If you know me and Chris you know we couldn't be more opposite.  I’m an Artist he is an Engineer. He plans things out like crazy I go with the flow. I make extreme messes he likes things extremely clean. He even likes to sleep burrito wrapped in complete darkness and I like a night light and need my feet and hands to be free. How we even can function is sometimes a mystery, but where is counts we are the same, our love for God and desire to grow closer to him. It may be the one thing we have in common, but that’s all thats needed (o and that we love each other haha). We help smooth out each others ruff edges and where I struggle he can help, where he struggles I can help. That’s the kind of match made by God.


Hope you enjoyed our story and photos of our special day where two hearts became one.



Taylor Ann

20160625_Pine-Rose-Cabins-Wedding-Taylor-Chris_016 20160625_Pine-Rose-Cabins-Wedding-Taylor-Chris_018 20160625_Pine-Rose-Cabins-Wedding-Taylor-Chris_017 20160625_Pine-Rose-Cabins-Wedding-Taylor-Chris_017

Wedding Photos by James Tang Photography

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