This is the colorful world of Taylor Ann Linko, a girl ruled by an uncontrollable desire to make Art, of every kind, everyday.  

"Sculpting is my passion, painting is my obsession. I add color to everything, and make art out of anything.
 Art is my life and I just might be determined enough, crazy enough, and pray enough to make it in this world."



My Life Long Objective

To be to be a successful artist and small business owner that uses the skills she has developed to glorify the one who gave her all that she has. Simply put, doing what I love for the one I love.

"And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." - Colossians 3:17 

Art has always been my focus, and I have always been a little entrepreneur. Seriously, I have had my website and domain name www.taylorannart.com since the 4th grade! My Mom can even recall artsy business stories prior to that. Art all day everyday was the dream and business the way to make it happen.

O but if only it was that simple.

  • Fruit Baskets, Fail. (Elementary School)
  • Hand Drawn Mazes, Fail. (Middle School)
  • Button Bracelet Business, Fail. (High School)
  • Pastel Portraits, Fail. (High School)
  • Face Painting and Balloon Twisting, Mini Sucess, locally (College)
  • Jewelry Making Business, Huge Fail. (College)
  • Up-cycled bottles and Coke Can Flowers, Epic Fail. (College)
  • Sport Zombie Prosthetic's, Mini Sucess, seasonally .(College)
  • Watercolor Pet Portraits, Fail. (College)
  • Belly Cast Decorating Fail. (College)
  • Just plain old selling my Artwork (every age)
    • At Craft booths - Fail.
    • At Art walks - Majority Fail.
    • At Small Galleries - Fail.
    • Online - Fail.
    • For way less than it was worth - STILL a complete Fail.

Graduated from college with a bachelors in Art and emphasis in ceramics.....Now what? So far I have failed.

My first successful business venture was TaylorAnnArtParty, professional face painting and balloon twisting. I started from nothing and had grown to a team of 5, now re-named to Art2Entertain still working in Long Beach CA - with a 5 star rating. This business was perfect for when I was in school, not what I had hoped to do forever, but it provided some income to support my Art. However getting married meant moving to San Diego and losing my only income, i'd have to start from scratch again in SD, something I did not have the funds to grow quickly or time to wait. 

I sorta had my 2nd successful business, selling handmade softball ball and baseball Halloween prosthetic's on Etsy. Yet that's once a year, and honestly pretty bad profit margins.

It was at this point my childhood dream looked very dim. Leading up to the wedding I had fully re-vamped my website into a huge portfolio basically saying I can do anything Art you need, just ask! Desperately trying to get any work I could but in the end I had maybe 200 followers on Instagram with about 3 people that actually bought anything from me.   That's it.

Everything I did was not enough to make at as an artist full time. I was so embarrassed to join Chris's family without a thing to my name, I just imagined what people would say. ".....so she doesn't really work?..she's never worked? ...Chasing some wild dream, good thing she's marring an engineer."  That embarrassment led me to pour out my soul and creativity on the wedding, It was a subliminal way for me to say(Mostly to myself), "yes I'm an Artist, I did all this, I'm a driven passionate and skilled artist." In short, It WORKED. I had never felt so happy to be me, displaying my hard work at the wedding gave me the confidence I needed. Everyone was trilled to have an Artist in the family and everyone got to take something I had made home from the flowers to the centerpieces and handmade games. 

One problem, that was only one day. One day to forget my failures and it was over. We thankfully were given a free honeymoon and enough gift money to get us through a few months but my time was running out. I needed to contribute to the bills and had no money to fund any new art ventures, no sales on my website, no income, no hope left.

September 5th 2016, 3 months after my wedding, I cried myself to sleep holding job applications and handing over my dreams. I wasn't able to make it as an artist, as an entrepreneur, i'd have to put my dreams aside. I prayed, surrendering my hopes for the Lords, admitting I can't only He can. Trusting God with all I had, that this wasn't the end that he still had plans for me, they just might not be the plans I had. I didn't ask for a miracle, I just surrendered, if He has set for me to stock shelves and make one new work friend that I can tell about God and bring to Him, I would and I would be content in doing so. I'll admit part of me didn't believe I even could, so I prayed my dreams and desires would change to His. Over and Over again crying until I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning to my phone beeping with notifications. I had no idea what was going on just that somehow random people where finding my art page. I went to get more job application and kept getting more notifications then a tag. My wedding dress, a painted dress I thought I would not even be able to re-sell, was posted on a major online gossip blog and skyrocketing into viral wedding madness. They didn't credit me, just cropped off my head and posted it. Millions saw it, Thousands searched and found me.

For a week my phone would not even work from notification overloads. People started asking for me to paint their dress, and I just said yes. Again crying, this time because God gave me more than I had asked and blessed me more than I could have imagined. 

Since then I have been able to be a full time Artist, even got my own studio, and contribute when needed to the bills. Knowing that God gave all this to me is unreal. I laugh a little that He waited till that moment, when I gave up, to give me everything. I think He knew I'd get a little cocky if it wasn't crystal clear that He did that, not me. He also knew that this assurance in him would be the rock I stand on every step of the way. Every day. This business has been one of the hardest challenges I have ever faced. The stress more than one can bear but I'm not alone. 

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11