Ladies, Prepare for an Awful Proposal Story

The photos have nothing to do with the Actual Proposal. They were taken after by my friend, the talented  Charity White Photography

The photos have nothing to do with the Actual Proposal. They were taken after by my friend, the talented Charity White Photography


Who hasn’t thought about how the proposal is going to go down. We have been flooded and filled with these crazy dreams and desires, heck there is even PROM PROPOSALS now. What is happening to the world!

You're probably thinking it doesn't sound like a big deal, what's wrong with wanting something special? Dreaming of how it could happen? Sure, there are guys out there that are romantic and plan amazing things but is every guy? NOPE. So let me tell a story that won’t fill your head with elaborate desires, one you won’t want, one you wont believe.

 I didn't think I even had high expectations, or dreaming was a problem, until the Man I LOVE popped the question, and I still considered saying NO!  Let me explain. 


How It Happened

Chris and I have one of those long crazy love stories. By the time he proposed we had known each other for about 8 years and spent practically every day together. He knew everything about me, plus my Pinterest was hooked up on his laptop, with access to my favorite wedding rings.  

I knew the question was coming soon, I had graduated and he was about to,  that next stage in life was approaching. So when Chris was studying at my house and I read "Buy Taylor's Ring" on a post it note stuck to his laptop, I should't have been surprised. Did I flip out anyways? YES! Am I ready? How is it going to happen? 

From then on I knew it was coming soon, and was on high alert. Before he popped the question I had figured out he was going to ask at a picnic with a label on my favorite soda. I'd say just about nothing caught me by surprise but in the end it was so crazy it caught us both by surprise. 

He knew i'm not romantic at all and hate being the center of attention. He knew I wanted a day to remember & pictures, and that some of our best dates were picnics or walking the beach with Jones Sodas in hand. 

So his plan was to cook lunch for us, take me to a relatively private beach for a picnic, and have our friend hide to take pictures. It was planed for just before sundown on the first day of Spring. He even scouted the Beach a few days before to plan out the final details. 


Day of The PROPOSAL - How it all went DOwn.


He's acting odd, a little pushy, I always plan the dates or go by spur of the moment but i'd been saying for a while he owes me a planned date so I let him lead. 

We get to the beach and the first thing I notice is our photographer friend and his Girlfriend (apparently there was some miss communication) and we had walked up right behind them. 

Chris played it off like let's not bug them this is our day, and I went along with it.  So we headed past them onto the beach.....Or what used to be the beach.

It had been bulldozed the night before and was basically mud and tractor marks....Chris tried to find a decent area close enough to Joey's hiding spot and set up the picnic. Meanwhile, I got distracted by a dead rotting sea-lion that had just washed up right in front of our picnic area.

At this point i'm thinking this is why I plan the dates, and that this has to be a trial run for the proposal.

Despite my efforts to get us to move and do something else, we sat down to eat, feet away from a dead sea-lion and took in the scenery. Picture this. 


To the right, in front of the sunset was a herd of young girls standing in thongs and sweat shirts..on a cold a typically empty beach. All butts in our direction. Now panning over to the left there is my rotting sea lion friend, yep still there, keep panning to the left and now we have a group of teen boys playing on a mound of dirt and machinery from the bulldozing. Complete with a worker cussing and yelling at them to get off the machinery, that he was calling the cops etc...and the punk kids were being well, punk kids. Then if that as not entertaining enough I had spotted our friends, hiding behind us popping up and down behind another pile of dirt.  Romantic views Right, from every angle! 

Chris was getting upset and tying to get me to ignore all of this, and I'm thinking can this get any more awkward? Just then he pulled out the ring, handed me the Jones bottle he had gotten with a custom label and asked "Will you marry me?"

I curled up in a ball covered my face and mumbled "yes" 

Part of me was screaming NO! are you kidding put the ring away this is not how our proposal is going down.

Another part mumbled yes because I love him.

We sat there a bit more trying to process what had just happened and finish our picnic. 

The punk kids finally left, making fun of us for sitting by a dead sea-lion as they passed by. They took the thong bottom pre-teens with them and we finally got a clear view of the sunset. Our friends came over for some photos and we attempted to act natural.


Once we got home to our families I just wanted to hide, knowing everyone was going to ask about that awful day. 

My little sister was quick to follow me to my room as I pretended like nothing happened and left Chris with my parents. Prying for details I finally just told her everything. I couldn't even make it part way through the story before she just started busting up laughing in disbelief, soon enough we both in a fit of laughter.


I finally ignored the fact it wasn't how I hoped and thought about my poor fiance who had all his plans crash and burn, a mumbled yes from me and was now stuck with my family.  

So I went to him, held his hand, and told everyone the story Chris had tired to plan.

It’s was a Beautiful bulldozed mud pit Beach picnic with sunset views behind a row of 13yr olds butt cheeks. A nice homemade meal of all my favorites joined by a dead sea-lion. The calm sounds of the beach waves and cussing crazy people. With a hidden photographer to capture me catching him taking pictures. When my man makes a plan, he keeps it. So the question was popped.

He was upset at fist but we had a great rest of the night as I got him to see the beauty in an awful engagement. It was a day we will never forget and a story like no other. One I will happily tell over and over for years to come because who doesn't love to laugh at complete fails? Oh and all his doubts on if I really wanted to marry him dissipated the very next morning as I started wedding planing and dress shopping.

Of course the questions comes to my mind, Why did it go so wrong? "Is this a Sign?" "Why didn't he wait for a better moment?"

We have all read about those crazy beautiful and elaborate proposals and it gets you thinking, WOW that Man must be crazy in love with that Girl. How romantic, how perfect. Suddenly and unexpectedly your own expectations rise because who doesn't want to know he's crazy in love with you. It was heart breaking when I realized all the pressure that was put on him to be someone else for that proposal. 


It is too easy to forget the proposal is about the PERSON not the planning.

As a creative person with planning skills it sounds fun, even easy to plan a proposal. Yet for my now husband, an engineer with no creative or planning skills, and too goofy to be romantic ever, well... planing a proposal was terrifying. He's is not someone that shows how much he loves me by gifts and jesters or even words. So he's not the kind of Guy who can plan a perfect proposal, and that's okay he's still perfect for me.

Feel free to Share Bellow your engagement story we so all of us can awww or laugh with you! 

Oh and who do you think won the paint war???