Painted Bridal Gowns in Beautiful Blue Hues

To start here is a Purple, Blue, and Teal dress I painted for my VERY FIRST bridal client. Painting my own dress was nothing compared to the nerves it took to paint someone else's. Yet seeing my dress was all this bride needed to trust me to color her wedding gown.

 Photos do not do it justice (I didn't have a camera yet 🤣)

DressColoring by TaylorAnnArt-OGP-WR1.jpg

Blue is "the Worlds" Favorite color, so no surprise that following this dress, many other brides have gotten there own versions of the Cool Tone Combo. Below are some more! 

Actual Wedding Day photo's will be in other blogs and linked below as Brides share them with me.



For the dress above I added the purple to the middle to resemble the Blue Orchid Flower.

Studio Images of Blue/green

Wedding Gowns

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From Blue, now onto Pink Hues