How to Care for your Colorful Dress

After Opening:

Hang your dress with the train down for several days to straighten out wrinkles from shipping. During hot showers, you can hang it in the bathroom for a little steam to help soften any remaining wrinkles. If it’s still not quite wedding day ready you can get it professionally steamed or pressed. Depending on your fabric you can even iron the color with a scrap fabric between the iron and colored fabric.

If you notice the fabric to be stiff, moving the fabric can do wonders. I rub the colored portion and move it to help this but can miss spots and the more you break it in the better it will feel and move. Chiffon tends to need this the most. Do this prior to any steaming/ironing. Better yet the steaming and Ironing will also help any stiffness. 

Before the Wedding day:

Let your dress hang out of the bag to get some fresh air. You may smell the paint at first but after a few hours out of the bag it will air out really nice and have no smell.

After the Wedding

They use a solvent meant to dissolve paint, although my paint can probably handle it, I have not tested this and it is risky. Do not scratch or excessively rub. Handwash with soap/detergent. I suggest hanging the dress, using a squirt bottle to apply soapy water, give a little rub with a soft cloth to any problem areas, then rinse with water and hang dry. If it’s not hot enough to dry quickly a light blow dry is fine.

The color will not leak or come off with water if you see a little color come off during a rinse it is most likely dried paint dust. This will not affect the color or stain anything nearby so no need to worry.

The paint used on your dress has both a time set and heat set so more time that's passed and more heat the more permanent the color becomes.

Tulle dresses also have a spray setting applied to the top layer.