My Sunset Dress

I’m a MESSY Artist, white was banned from the closet due to the fact I would probably get paint on it. I was also banned from paint and any other form of art the week prior to the wedding, just to avoid any skin stains or mishaps. Heck, nice things were banned from my room/studio in the fear they would never make it out alive and unpainted.

       When I said I was going to paint my wedding dress, I was surprised no one tried to steal all my paint and hide it until after the big day. Trust me there were some really concerned people! But white is not allowed in my closet………so I had to ;)  

JK! Really I think it has just gotten to that point where people know the Art in me cannot be contained. Color color color!!! EVERYTHING!

in the end.....I actually did color just about everything in my wedding, all the flowers, my hair, a giant jenga game, the invitations, seating chart....  I'll put a full break down of all my vendors and DIY's in another blog for you but quick shout out to my photographer James Tang for all these great images and Pine Rose Cabins for just being so darn pretty!

Back to the dress...

I got this dress at a discount store way in advance. I wouldn't have ever guessed I would ended up picking out a dress like this, SO bridal. I had never desired a traditional style but when I put it on I felt like a bride, and once I added the color, I felt like Myself. That was the perfect combo, bridal but true to self, elegant but with a flare, white...but colorful. 

The original dress is "Savoy's Bellezza" I When we purchased it, it was a size 8 and I'm barely a 1! Got it taken in and even added some beautiful straps.
To avoid an expensive hem fix I also I also got beastly tall shoes -- and added bonus of being a good kissin height for my 6'2" man ;) 
These beautiful boots are called “Abner” by Jeffrey Campbell ---not the best pair with the dress but perfect for this woodsy outdoor venue! 

These beautiful boots are called “Abner” by Jeffrey Campbell ---not the best pair with the dress but perfect for this woodsy outdoor venue! 

 When it came to color, my favorite is purple so that was definitely going to be one of my colors. The husband-to-be loved navy blue so included that too and lastly, I was very close with my Grandfather who passed before the wedding, so I wanted to honor him and he loved the color yellow. I worked as a face painter then and had this wonderful color combo I used for sunsets, starting with yellow and then orange, red, maroon, purple, blue it was perfect. The colors faded together so well. I wanted that same fade on my dress. For me, colors are not just for decor or accents there is so much power and feeling color has and that dress was a blank canvas ready for some more depth with color.


  For months I had been cutting out and coloring pieces of lace I planned to sew to the dress. As I laid it on the dress though it just did not look how I wanted, instead of a fade from one color to the next it just looked like patchy flowers that were messy and hard to even see. I scrapped that idea and started brainstorming a few others like colorful tulle (too light), puffy paint(too shiny) and fabric dyes(didn’t take color well). Finally, I was fed up with all these tests and fails, so I just took my airbrush I had been using to get nice fades of color on the flowers and just sprayed it and kept spraying it more and more and more and more! I was terrified but honestly messing up my wedding dress didn't sound as bad as wearing all white... Plus I'm a decent problem solver. 

At first, I was 99% sure I could do this. 20min into coloring, I thought I ruined my dress. It took a few days for me to regain confidence and work on it again. 


Not everything went as planned, I was under the dress spraying when my mom notices a light pink color at the top of the mermaid flare. The paint in the air was getting caught by the netting under the dress and turning the whole inside pink! Luckily we caught this before it got too bad, I lightened it and no one noticed the error.

I do wish I went a bit higher with the color, but I was pretty nervous so I held back...a bit. 

In the end, the shock and awe of my dress helped me feel calm and confident. My colorful personality was shining through and everyone there loved it. I wasn't trying to make some big statement it's as simple as wanting to wear something I felt beautiful in. It's the Artistic personal flare. A teacher once told me, in a class, you can always tell who did what painting, just look at what they are wearing. Sure enough a glance around the class and although we all had the same project, everyone had unique colors and styles that showed through in their attire as well. For me life is my canvas, it always has been. I look for any and every opportunity to add that personal flair and artistic touch, I wasn't about to hold back because it's normal to wear white. My now husband was NOT shocked in the slightest, my family thought it fit me perfectly and his family was excited to have an Artist join the family. Yes, even Grandma loved the color - her favorite is maroon.