Wedding Dress Coloring F.A.Q

I get a LOT of Questions, So here is a Table of Contents to help you find Yours.

  • 1. Permanence
  • 2. Dry Cleaning
  • 3. Steam/Iron
  • 4. Paint vs Dye
  • 5. Color Match
  • 6. Fabrics
  • 7. Embellishments
  • 8. Dress Types
  • 9. Location
  • 10. International
  • 11. Shipping
  • 12. Timing
  • 13. Requirements
  • 14. Cost 
  • 15. Payment Options
  • 16. Terms
  • 17. Risks
  • 18. My Experience
  1. Is the Coloring Permanent? Will it be fine for a Beach Wedding?

    Yes! I use high-quality permanent paint that is both heat setting, time setting, and non-yellowing. Your dress will be set and sealed so nicely you can go swimming in your dress and the color will still be on there.
  2. Can I get It Dry Cleaned?

    I Do NOT suggest it. I use 3 different types of paint, 2 say that you can dry clean them and the 3rd that I use on Tulle and Organza says only to hand wash. Dry Cleaning solvent has chemicals in it to specifically take out paint. You can, however, hand wash the color portion with soap and water I suggest using a soft sponge and squirt bottle. In Regards to cleaning I'm no expert so feel free to talk to a local dry cleaner and see if there is anything else they can do.  Just know Dry Cleaning has not been tested so it is a risk.
  3. Can I steam or Iron the Coloring? 

    Yes! In fact, I suggest it. I personally will steam your dress prior to returning and even prior to painting at times. The heat helps set the paint and as long as you follow the rules pertaining to your fabric type it will be totally fine! For Ironing just make sure you get a cloth to put down between the iron and your dress so the iron does not stick to the paint at all. 
  4. Why Do you Paint Instead or Dye the Fabric?

    Fabric Dye is particular to the type of fabric however Fabric Paint can be used on any type of fabric. The key difference is paint has some sort of "glue" like component to it to make it stick and bind to the fabric. Dye, on the other hand, does not have this but instead is more like a satin binding to the material on its own. All you need to know is this, paint allows for more colors and designs. It does change the feel of the fabric a tad more than a dye would yet with some tricks, paint can more and feel just as nice.
  5. Can you Match Any Color?

    Yes! You can order a sample to see for yourself. Metallic, Neon, the Rainbow and every color in between! I have taken several classes all about color so altering my paint colors to match what you would like is no problem at all.
  6. What Types of Fabrics can you Color? 

    Any! synthetic, natural, chiffon, tulle, lace, and more! Each fabric I handle differently, with different paints and processes. Currently, Tulle, Lace, and Chiffon are my favorites with very little change in the feel of the fabric and nice transitions. Organza tends to get a little stiff, however, it is just stiffer fabric meant to hold its shape. So you may feel a slight difference but looks wise you can't tell. Order a sample to see for yourself. Satin is currently the fabric type I struggle with the most, mainly for appearance reasons since it doesn't have depth in layers like the others. I'll post a separate blog soon about this fabric and the options you have in more detail.
  7. Rhinestones? Beads? Sequins?

    Rhinestones can easily be wiped clean after I apply the paint. This is an extra fee to have me do it as it is time-consuming, however, if your the DIY type let me know and I can show you how to do it yourself and save some dollars. Beads hold the paint color but as they rotate the original white color will show in spots. If you're not worried about this then I'll treat it like any other dress and not charge extra. (Image coming soon) Sequins, I highly suggest removing in the paint zone. They don't look good painted and even block the fabric from the paint. For light colors, it's not a big deal but any darker colors I highly suggest removing the sequins. If you have both beads and sequins together I suggest removing them both. You can do this prior to sending to me or I can for you for an extra fee. Can't live without the Glam? I can also add beading and sequins back onto your dress to match the colors I add just note this takes more time and is again an additional fee. 
  8. What Styles/Types of Dresses Can You Work With?

    I have worked with ALL types of gowns. The only type shown to cause issues is the rosette skirt wedding dress. It's possible to color but because of the time needed to color a dress like this, it is extremely costly. 
  9. Where is Your Studio?

    I work from home in California, Rancho San Diego 91941. If you're local we can meet in person to discuss your order as well as for drop off and pick up of your dress. I will share my address with you once your order is placed. 
  10. Do you take International Orders?

    Yes, I do! The Same cost applies as it does to my USA clients just note you are responsible for return shipping charges.
  11. How Do I get the Dress to you?

    Check out this Blog here for all the details on shipping your dress to me. 
  12. How Long Do You Need to Color the Dress?

    Around 3 weeks to a month, although this varies depending on your dress, more layers and more colors require more time.  Here is a good basic timeline to give you an idea of how to set up yours. 
    • 6-5 months prior to your wedding, have your dress and shoes!
    • Set up your Booking with me and find a tailor for alterations.
    • 5-4 months prior, have the dress hemmed if needed. (see #13)
    • Once hemmed, send the dress to me for coloring.
    • One month later I will have the dress returned to you.
    • 3-2 months prior to the wedding, have all other alterations taken care of. 
      • Note: No alterations needed? Get the coloring anytime!
      • Note: Some dresses need MORE than a hem done prior to coloring. Set those up for alterations to finish 2 months prior to the wedding and send the dress to me after.    
  13. What Do I need to Do Prior to Booking with you?

    Have your dress both purchased and with you. I won't except a booking until you have the dress. Next get your shoes and check the Hem. Your Dress must be the proper length before sending it to me. BE CAREFUL! Wedding dress alteration companies like to try and schedule you as close to the wedding as possible so that you do not flux in weight at all between when your wedding is and when your alterations are done. Best to get the hem done early then go back to them after the dress is colored to finish any alterations to the top of your dress. Ask your Alterations shop if this is fine, or if any other alterations need to be done that would affect the part of the dress you want to be colored.  I can't stress enough how important it is to really research and find a good tailor. 
  14. What does it Cost to have you Color my Dress?

    I have this nifty price estimator, check it out! Cost depends a TON on the dress so if you're considering a few do the estimator a few times to see the price changes. Ruffly the cost is between $700 and $1400. I do not do free-bees. If you want to try and hit the lower end of the scale get a tulle or chiffon dress. Fewer layers the better, shorter the cheaper, ask if there is anything you can DIY. I at times will give a discount for risk-takers, and do consider trades. 
  15. How do I Pay You?

    25% is due at booking, another 25% prior to me starting work on your dress and the final 50% is due before I return the dress to you. You can do as many payments as you want as long as the percentages are met at the right time. I accept cash/check as well as credit cards and bank transfers. All payments are processed through WaveApps.
  16. What are Your Terms and Conditions?

    I have a full blog post for you on that. Click here to check it out. 
  17. What Are the Risks? 

    here are many risks involved whether you plan to color it yourself or even if you plan to send it to me. I’m a darn good problem solver but cannot guarantee anything. There is no turning back once I start, if you don’t like the color, in the end, there is nothing I can do about it. With custom products that's just how it goes. I do try my very best to solve any issues and get your request spot on.
  18. What Experience do you have?

    Directly pertaining to coloring wedding dresses, I have colored 30ish dresses as of 10/20/17. I have done extensive research about this. As my husband puts it "technically speaking I am a subject matter expert on this because I’m the first and the only one to have done it in this manner." LOL!! on a more serious note, for Art and Customer service I have a lot of credentials and experience. To list a few….

    • I have a bachelor’s degree in fine art.

    • 5 star rating on Thumbtack, Etsy & Yelp from previous work

    • I also own and run a successful face painting and balloon twisting company I started in College. I earned over 30, 5 star ratings from customers in regards to my customer service.

    • I have studied art, color, paint, designing, fashion, and more for years. Ever since I was a little girl I would take as many art classes as I could, my bookshelf is filled with books on art, and I practice and experiment constantly. I believe the key to Art is knowledge not just talent and my life has been spent pursuing Art. All this is just to say I consider myself to be a creative professional and will take your order with the utmost care


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