Custom Wedding Dress Coloring F.A.Q

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To make it super easy for you I have split the F.A.Q. into 3 sections and recorded audio files for each! Want to read? That's below for you as well just follow the links.

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Audio/Section One "about the color" goes over permanence, care, cleaning, paint vs dye, fabrics, and color tips. (Reading Version)

Audio/Section Two "about the cost" goes over cost, finding a low cost dress, payments, and tricks to save money. (Reading Version)

Audio/Section Three "about the process" goes over timeline, alterations, and steps involved with ordering. (Reading Version)

Thank You SO much for taking the time to read or listen to what I have here for you. 😊

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 Hey Skim Readers. Answers to Common Questions will be in Bold. 

F.A.Q. about the Color


This is a permanent coloring, I actually use 3 different types of sedatives to ensure a strong seal. Your average wedding day plans are not going to hurt it. Go swimming if you want, the color will still be there!

Feel free to steam your dress or iron it if that is recommended for your fabric type. Just be sure to put a cloth between the iron and painted fabric.

The only thing I suggest you do NOT do is dry clean. The dry cleaning solution uses a chemical meant to remove paint.  Although my paint can prob handle it, I have not tested this. For cleaning I recommend rinsing the colored area in soapy water, light scrub with a soft sponge, rinsing again and let dry.

Pink Paint Mixing

I should note this is not a dye method but rather a paint. Fabric Dye is particular to the type of fabric however Fabric Paint can be used on any type of fabric. Yes, you heard that right Any! synthetic, natural, chiffon, tulle, lace, and more! The key difference is paint has some sort of "glue" like component to it to make it stick and bind to the fabric. Dye, on the other hand, does not have this but instead is more like a stain binding to the material on its own.

With paint, people worry about the feel and flow but I have found many ways to get it nice and soft. If you have a concern in regards to the stiffness of the material feel free to order a sample with my feel-good flow treatment applied so you can test it in person.

With paint the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, you get more colors options and designs. We're talking color matching, neon, metallic, dark tones, design work, vertical and horizontal color fade options, and super smooth transitions just to name a few.

Get creative! Or just let me! Seriously. LET ME! I do offer design services under my design and dream packages. This is the best way for you to get something unique and beautiful. Just let me know your likes/dislikes. Only I know my strengths, skills, the capabilities of my paint, each fabric, have years of training in Art, and years of experience painting wedding Gowns. Let's put that to some use!

Lastly, I just want to mention a few color theory principles for those of you planning out your combos.

 Color Wheel

Color Wheel

For standard gradients, colors next to each other on the color wheel are going to blend best. Want red and blue? There has to be purple in the middle to blend them nicely. Next, the standard gradient goes from light to dark, so when picking colors your lightest should be at the top and darkest at the bottom. Using a photo editor to turn your color’s black and white will help show you if they are going from light to dark. Note these rules can be broken! Some of my best work breaks these rules. You just have to do it in a very clever way.

Below are some color resources to help ya out!


Helpful Color Resources

F.A.Q. About the Cost

Coloring your dress can cost just as much if not more than your dress averaging from $900-$3000. Some brides handle this by looking for ways to get the coloring as low as possible and others aim to get the dress as cheaply as possible.

Both are great solutions when your on a budget and I’m going to tell you how to do them both. 

Just really quick gotta mention, choose a dress you would love without color or have a backup plan since I developed this service i’m currently the only one to offer it and there is a chance I will be too booked to accept your order.

For the bride looking so save on the dress get ready to HUNT! I find this pretty fun, look though apps like Let Go, Offer Up, and Still White for insanely cheap dresses. Go thrift shopping and go to bridal stores to ask if they have any wedding dresses they are trying to clear out. I have purchased 2 full and fabulous dresses for only $40 each this way (that’s less than the fabric alone would cost).

Keep in mind the dress does not have to be perfect. You can get a dress taken in or even add corset ties to one that won't zip up. Add sleeves or remove them, add lace or remove it. Scrub stains and patch tears. Add a layer or remove one. There is seriously so much you can do to take an old dress and make it brand new and beautiful.

This is the BEST way to get a great deal on good quality dress. Now I have to mention those websites that sell supposedly designer wedding dresses for like $100 from china... that is for a whole other blog but to summarize I personally do not think it is worth it and due to the low quality fabric these are harder to color.

Now for saving on coloring! To put it simply less fabric equals less cost. Bigger the dress bigger the cost. Here are some more detailed tips. 

 Above is an example of a Rosette Gown. 

Above is an example of a Rosette Gown. 

  1. Lace is a bit higher than the other fabric types and satin a bit less with one exception. That is the water test, squirt the satin fabric, if water rolls off your dress instead of soaking in, that’s a challenge for me and higher cost.

  2. If your looking for a fluffy princess style dress, look to add crinoline or a hoop skirt under the lining rater than a dress that has layer after layer of tulle.

  3. Be a risk taker! If you want to do something color wise I haven't done before I’ll give you a discount for being courageous and creative.

  4. Avoid dresses that have a horsehair hem in organza.

  5. Avoid or remove beads or sequins in the to be colored portion of your dress.

O and I must mention rosette gowns, so timely and difficult I am actually debating if I will offer coloring for them any more. If your looking to save look away from that style.

You can find even more details, example images, with smaller price scales on this page here >

Lastly to help with the cost of coloring I do break the total up into 3 payments. 25% is due at booking, another 25% prior to me starting work on your dress and the final 50% is due before I return the dress to you. You can do as many payments as you want as long as the percentages are met at the right time. I accept cash/check as well as credit cards and bank transfers.

With all these tips I hope you can get the dress of your dreams within your budget. 

Next up on my FAQ I go over the process of ordering and those common shop questions.


FAQ About the Process

The most important thing about the process this is probably the timeline. So I will break this down for you with a few options

  1.  Get your dress, get your shoes! I don’t accept bookings until you have your dress with you or at your alterations shop. It’s super important you have seen and inspected your dress in person so you can give me accurate info for a quote. You will need to count the layers of your dress, know the fabric weaves or have images of each layer for me, and do a water test on your lining/satin layer. (details on the order form)
  2. Once you complete the order form for me a look for another tailor for your alterations IF they are needed. The most important alteration needed prior to coloring is the hem. Alterations shops have different ways of doing this, some that don’t involve cutting the bottom but better to be safe than sorry. 
    • Now if alterations are needed you have a choice to make, you can get all the alterations done prior, or just stick with just the hem and any alterations in the to-be colored area done (Then wait for the body of the dress to be altered after the coloring.)
    • Why Wait? You could flux in weight during the month or so I have your dress causing it not to fit perfectly. Alterations shop try to schedule you as close to your wedding as they can to avoid this. However, I have found it to be a little more stressful for brides when they wait, it’s nice to have it fully done once you get it back from me. If you have a corset dress or tend to be very consistent in weight I’d suggest you get it all done between the date you book with me and the date I have you scheduled for coloring.
  3. You got your dress, shoes, order form in and alterations decided on. Once the contract is signed booking is set and deposit down. Next up is shipping or dropping off you dress with me!
    • I live in California, Rancho San Diego area 91978. If you're local we can meet in person for drop off and pick up of your dress. I will share my work address with you once your order is placed, this is a private workspace not open to the public. If you will need to ship your dress check out my help article on shipping so you're a post office and packing pro. If your not in the United States, that's no problem I take international orders all the time. Just see your local post office for an estimate using my zip code ask how long it typically takes and if you can ensure the mail.

  4. Relax. I have your dress now. I take 3 to 4 weeks to do the coloring then send it back to you. During this time you will have my direct contact info and get basic updates in regards to your order.

  5. The dress is now back to you! Try it on, take it in the sun and do a spin or strut that bridal walk. It’s seriously fun. With your dress, I will put care information for it. Some dresses after shipping may need an extra steam, take it to a professional or hanging it in the bathroom for a few hot showers to soak up that steam. That's it! Easy Peasy.

The process will go by quicker and simpler than you expect and I’ll be there with you every step of the way to ease those nerves. Of course, there are risks involved with this process, I’m a darn good problem solver but cannot guarantee anything so be sure to check out my terms and conditions contract. More often than not I will return your dress not only with color but in better condition. It’s not rare for me to clean up strings, add some tack points so your dress moves correctly and fix little errors here or there.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask in the comments below.

I’ll leave my credentials below for you as well so you can know a bit more about the girl your trusting you dress with. Thanks so much for taking the time to go through the FAQ with me.

I hope this helps you with your colorful wedding plans!