How to get a Colorful Dress for Less $$$

Coloring your dress can cost just as much if not more than your dress.

Some brides handle this by looking for ways to get the coloring as low as possible and others aim to get the dress as cheaply as possible.

Both are great solutions when your on a budget and I’m going to tell you how to do them both.

For the bride looking so save on the dress

  1. Try On Dresses at a normal bridal boutique. This will help you determine what style looks best on your body the hardest part will be walking away empty handed, but will be key to getting a good dress for half the price.

  2. Now you are ready to HUNT!!! I find this pretty fun, look though apps like Let Go, Offer Up, and Still White for insanely cheap dresses in a similar style to the one you liked in the dress store. Go thrift shopping and go to bridal stores to ask if they have any wedding dresses they are trying to clear out. I have purchased 4 full and fabulous dresses for only $40 each this way (that’s less than the fabric alone would cost).

    • Keep in mind the dress does not have to be perfect. You can get a dress taken in or even add corset ties to one that won't zip up. Add sleeves or remove them, add lace or remove it. Scrub stains and patch tears. Add a layers or remove one. There is seriously so much you can do to take an old dress and make it brand new and beautiful.

    • If you are hoping to go really cheap on the dress expect to pay more on alterations but overall it will still cost less than most gowns.

I definitely suggest talking to an alterations person or someone with good sewing skills that can help you determine what is feasible.

This is the BEST way to get a great deal on good quality dress. Now I have to mention those websites that sell supposedly designer wedding dresses for like $100 from china... that is for a whole other blog…

To summarize I personally do not think it is worth it and due to the low quality fabric these are harder to color. I have gotten some that are Okay but the majority have really bad hems and other issues that make my job so much more difficult. As you can assume that means these cost more to get colored.


Now for saving on coloring!

To put it simply less fabric equals less cost. Bigger the dress bigger the cost. Here are some more detailed tips.

  1. Lace is a bit higher than the other fabric types and satin and chiffon are a bit less with one exception. That is the water test, squirt the satin/lining layer of fabric, if water rolls off your dress instead of soaking in, that’s a challenge for me and higher cost.

  2. If your looking for a fluffy princess style dress, look to add crinoline under the lining rater than a dress that has layer after layer of tulle.

  3. Avoid dresses that have a horsehair hem in organza.

  4. Avoid or remove beads or sequins in the to be colored portion of your dress.

  5. For Chiffon or Organza consider only getting the top layer colored. This works well for lighter/brighter colors


O and I must mention rosette gowns, so timely and difficult I am actually debating if I will offer coloring for them any more. If your looking to save look away from that style.

Lastly to help with the cost of coloring I do break the total up into 3 payments. $300 is due at booking, 50% of the total cost is to be paid prior to starting work on your dress and the final 50% is due before I return the dress to you. You can do as many payments as you want as long as the percentages are met at the right time. I accept cash/check as well as credit cards and bank transfers.

I’ll be adding to this but for now I hope this helps you get a good deal on the dress of your dreams <3