10 Tips on Making Your Wedding Flowers


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So Glad your here looking for help. I’m guessing you probably haven’t made bouquets, boutineers, corsages, etc. before. Neither had I, and there were some failures, some wins, and lessons I can now share to help with your flower making endeavor. No secrets here on how to make these flowers, and make them even better.

Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest I found these 2 rose patterns you see above. With templates and instructions the roses are easy to create, even for my non-artistic hubby!

Not so simple in the fact that I wanted 300 large ones and 200 small ones and since I was busy DIY-ing just about everything else….

Well let’s just say I learned A LOT!

So let me pass on the 10 most important things I learned.


James Tang Photography


#1 Share, you can’t do everything.

Creative people tend to have a hard time letting go of creative control. I know I do. You have this set idea and execution in mind and in that mind only you can do that. STOP, you cannot do this alone. Especially if you have other things going on, work, wedding planing, etc. Help is a huge blessing, one you might need to ask for.

For me personally, having my family and friends help was the only way pulling it off was even possible. I just started making these flowers everywhere I went and they just started asking to help. I was actually shocked by the creativity and artsy skills they had. No each flower was not perfect, but that didn’t matter one bit, it was truly a wonderful experience because of the help I was given.

#2 Plan & Prep

Take the time to develop methods and tricks to reduce the workload. Make a template you can print out so cutting is easier, if your often crafting maybe a cricket cutter is worth the investment.

Cut down on work load by adding some artificial and dried elements. For example I used Billy Balls and Blue Preserved Caspia. (Hobby Lobby also has some of the best artificial flowers - make sure to get them when they are half off)

If you have people helping you figure out their strongest skill and divide tasks that way. For instance my Grandma was like a flower cutting machine! I’m not sure how she even cut those so fast… got to love grandmas (but mine is especially cool) Then my Sister-in-law just took over curling each petal, assembling, and more this girl was a HUGE help. Charity (bridesmaid-church friend) assembled a girls night and we all worked worked worked while chatting and hanging out. Moral of the story, Only do this if you have an incredible family and wonderful friends like me ;)

JK - just be prepared for the work-load, start early and plan it out.

#3 Tape, Glue, Nail, times 10!!!

Make sure everything is secure! I thought since I would be holding the bouquet that I can just make sure things stay how they should. However, it did get passed around and turned upside down and what wasn’t secure did end up falling apart --- Seriously the bouquet did not make it to the end of the night. My pencil handle broke off and flowers started falling off. FAIL

#4 Don’t leave the flowers outside, EVER!

Bugs of all kinds may think they are real….and decide to pop out at you when you pick them up.

 --- not even kidding. 


#5 Use Thicker Paper than Printer Paper

Thin paper doesn’t hold a curl like thick does. Especially if you plan on dipping them in wax like I did.

#6 Be Prepared to Spend More Than you Think.

More Money, More Time. There is this idea that DIY is cheaper….but is it? How Valuable is your time? Or are the payments - like purchasing of the paint and paper and glue just seem less because it’s broken up more. I guess it depends on what you are comparing it to. Often the amount of money in correlates with the turn out. These may be cheaper then hobby lobby’s beautiful fake flowers, but dollar tree….hmmm that’s could be cheaper.

#7 Choose one thing.

One single thing you care about more than the rest. For me that was my bouquet. So each flower was specifically picked and made for that. I added other flowers, even made succulents from Clay to add to it.

James Tang Photography

#8 Look at Real Flowers.

The most successful paper flowers are ones that consider real flowers. If you aim to copy a paper bouquet it’s like passing a story around that each person tells a little differently. In the end you have a distorted view of the original inspiration. My touch of inspiration from nature was the slight gradient on each leaf, and the satin soft finish achieved by wax dipping.

#9 Take it for a Test Run

I made the boutonnieres too and the corsages, but skipped the test run and some of them ended up turning sideways.....

#10 Expect Failures

Things WILL go wrong. Unless you have done this a million times before there is just going to be things you didn't consider and problems you didn't expect. The most important thing is to, Fix or Forget.  --In other words be that creative problem solver and find a way around the problems, turn lemons into lemonade, Fix it! But if you can't? Forget about it! If you are artsy at all, and I'm willing to bet you are, you are the toughest critic. No matter what problems you encounter you CAN forget the flaws and remember to have fun throughout it all!

Hope you found this helpful! If you Have Any Questions at all about my Flowers Just Ask in the Comments Bellow! Or add your own tips if you have any to share!