Hand Making Your Wedding Flowers


No secrets here I’ll give you all the details!

Real flowers almost didn’t even cross my mind. If there was a way I could use my skills to save money and get something unique and of my design I was going to do that.

Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest and my wonderful family this was all possible and simple….well sort of…

      Simple in the fact that these 2 DIY blogs above with templates and instructions made the roses easy to create, even for my non-artistic hubby! Not so simple in the fact that I wanted 300 large ones and 200 small ones and since I was busy DIY-ing just about everything else….


 My family and friends did all the tedious tasks to keep me afloat and not freaking out. Grandma was like a flower cutting machine! I’m not sure how she even cut those so fast… got to love grandmas (but mine is especially cool)

Then my Sister-in-law just took over curling each petal, assembling, and more this girl was a HUGE help and I am sooo thankful for her. Even my Mom-Inlaw and Husband got in on the flower making. Charity (bridesmaid-church friend) even assembled a girls night with friends and we all worked worked worked.

By the time the flowers got to me all I had to do was spray on the color and dip them in wax….and I even managed to get my sister and brother to help with that!

Moral of the story, Only do this if you have an incredible family and wonderful friends like me ;)

JK - just be prepared for the work-load, start early and remember you can't do everything.

Some Things for the DIY-er to know!

  • For my bouquet, I mixed hobby lobby fake flowers, with paper flowers, with handmade clay succulents.

  • The paper was white and at the very end airbrushed with a 2 color gradient.

  • For the centerpieces, I also got some preserved foliage from SaveOnCrafts to fill the vases more. (Amazing color but keep it out of the sun until the big day)

  • Thicker the paper better it will hold the curl, but too thick is hard to cut!

  • To save time I didn't make leaves; instead, I just painted on some green “leaves” to the back of the flowers.

  • These are Waxed dipped for a soft satin finish.

  • Make sure everything is secure! I thought since I would be holding the bouquet that I can just make sure things stay how they should. However, it did get passed around and turned upside down and what wasn’t secure did end up falling apart --- Seriously the bouquet did not make it to the end of the night.

  • DO NOT Leave your fake flowers outside or bugs of all kinds may think they are real….and decide to pop out at you when you pick them up.  --- not even kidding. 


Failures you will forget about...

  • The bouquet was attached to a giant pencil with a mess of tape, hot glue, and wire. AND yep it ended up breaking off, should have drilled into the pencil and broken out the Super Glue. I was able to hold them together for the rest of the pictures but sadly after the break, my cute holder I made for it was pointless and left empty.

  • I made the boutonnieres too and the corsages, but skipped the test run and some of them ended up turning sideways.....

  • I took some of the large flowers, glued them to stems (aka painted skewers) and placed them down the walkway. I will admit my time and budget made this nice but not amazing... I’m a critic but the stems were too long, the foliage was not full enough, and more flowers were needed. I'm always looking for how to improve my work, it's just how I’m wired. In the end, on my wedding day, I couldn't have cared less about what could have been better I was just happy it was finally my wedding day.


All this just to say things WILL go wrong. Unless you have done this before there is just going to be things you didn't consider and problems you didn't expect. The most important thing is to, Fix or Forget.  --In other words be that creative problem solver and find a way around the problems, turn lemons into lemonade, Fix it! But if you can't? Forget about it! If you are artsy at all I'm willing to bet you are your toughest critic.

No matter what problems you encounter you CAN forget the flaws and remember to have fun throughout it all!