Photo Fears

 photo by  Jordan Whitfield
It probably goes without saying but....


I'm working with fancy wedding dresses, with paint that won't come off, sometimes only weeks before the Brides wedding. (Power of Prayer gets me through each and every day, seriously.) 

What makes it more stressful? Pictures. I have on multiple occasions had Brides upset with me because of photos, only to receive their dress later and absolutely love it. Color particular? Don't Put yourself through that.   

Let me explain. 

1. Why I don't like taking process images.

2. The color changes I can't solve. 

3. What you should know as a Colorful Bride.

The Process

I give each bride the option to choose, get process photos or not and I recommend saying No. Here is why. 

Simply put the process is scary, it comes together slowly and in the early stages looks nothing like it will in the end. Even I thought I had ruined my dress during the process. I didn't, just it totally looks that way. So If you do still want process images I have rules. 


1. No asking for color corrections. Seriously the color changes as I finish layers and cameras can be deceiving. Even if the color does not look right trust I will match your samples, trust me. 

2. No need to ask. "Are you...Is it.....?" It's a PROCESS image, as In I still have a lot more to do. Yes, I will paint all the layers, yes it will blend more smoothly, no it's not done, no the color does not match yet. If you're a worrier ~ just say no thanks to process photos. I don't want to stress you out more dear<3 

I give the option only because some Brides worry more if they can't see it. Many of my past clients have been wonderful and very trusting, you need to decide what is the best option for you personally ~ Not sure? ask your Mom or a friend who knows you 😆 

If you choose No Process Pictures I will still send photos, just they will be of the paint getting mixed and other things --- not your actual dress getting colored. You can also still get final photos before I return it just note color changes! ⬇ 


Color Changes

If your any type of Artist you probably know this already.

There are 3 color changing factors when it comes to pictures vs in person. First is Lighting, Next Screens, lastly Camera Quality. 

 I do not have a photo set up this nice.  I wish . ~ photo by  Alexander Dummer

I do not have a photo set up this nice. I wish. ~ photo by Alexander Dummer

Lighting is the simplest to explain, in a dark room it's hard to see color vs in the direct sun everything looks super bright. Color IS light so if I take a picture in different types of light, the color will look different. Direct sun vs cloudy day vs shade vs indoor warm light vs cool light vs window light. ALL effect the color turn out in a camera and in your eyes. 

Next Screens have different quality and display types think about when your browsing the TV section at an electronics store. All the screens can be playing the same thing and yet the pictures will look different. Mostly the color changes from a yellow hue to blue hues. This happens on your phone and laptop and camera so even If I think the color in the photo looks spot on, I can send it to you and then the color looks off slightly due to your screen. 

Lastly and most important CAMERA & Photographer QUALITY. This is a huge factor, I started out just using my cell phone to take pictures!! ~the Og. peacock dress...yep cell phone picture. Now I have a better camera and learned a few tricks but I still am by no means a professional photographer and that affects the color especially on high contrast dresses like mine. 

For example, Let's say you see a beautiful sunset and whip out your phone to get that wonderful shot. ~ pretty sure everyone has done this. Well you will probably notice the sky is nice and landscape pure black OR the sky is white and blown out but the landscape is nice. Your phone can't capture both (well at least), but a trained photographer and good camera can. Same thing for dress coloring, your white dress is the sky and the color is the landscape. Don't even get me started on metallic colors. 

As a Colorful Bride you Should....

  1. Inform your photographer about your dress.

  2. Get a good color friendly photographer- I suggest hiring a person not a company that can send you anyone

  3. The process is messy, you will have to trust me.

  4. Understand my pictures won't look exactly like the dress does in person.

  5. Metallic colors, glitters, and dark colors are especially hard to photograph. 

  6. If your worried about the color outcome opt to wait to see the dress in person before pictures!
  7. If your more worried about the height of color or overall look (not particular on color) opt TO see pictures before returning.
  8. Have the best day ever! do a spin in your dress and worry less <3

All of my Brides say it looks even better in person 😉