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Cool Tone Dress Colorings


Brave Brides - COMING SOON!

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The Details

I have broken up my most commonly asked questions into 3 categories and recorded Audios for you! Listen Bellow or Click here for the full FAQ.

Color wise, you can get ANY color combo, on Any Fabric/Dress Type!  This is a permanent paint application process I developed for high control, lots of color, and little to no limitations...

Cost is extremely dependent on the Dress you choose. Prices range from $800-$3000. Listen to my Audio or Read More for details regarding cost savings for both your dress and coloring...

Once you have a dress and design chosen you can use the Order Form to get a quote & start the booking process. I will need at least one month with your dress. You can ship the dress or drop off in person...

Bookings & Design Orders Are Currently Closed.

I will post to  Instagram & Facebook once I am taking bookings again. Follow me there to get the updates!


Design & Dream Packages

Sketches, Fabric Samples, and Design Services to help you imagine your gown with color!  Just enter your email below then shortly after you will receive a  questionnaire and completely customizable packages options! Each order also includes a custom quote and design feedback. 

Fashion Drawings ~ $35

These Digital Fashion Sketches, drawn by Fashion Illustrator Samantha Shammas, match your dress, on YOU, with your color combos! When building your package you even have the option to compare combos for only $5 more. Not only is this a great way to picture your gown with color before the color is applied, but gives you a keepsake for years to come!  The finished digital drawing will be emailed to you in jpeg. format 8.5in by 11in.


Fabric Samples ~ $10- $15

Each Regular Sample is 5in by 15in, with the option of combining 2 for a large 10in by 15in Sample. Shipping is included on each order and I layer transparent fabric to mimic your dress. Worried about the feel? or the permanence? Just add one or both of my fabric treatments to test the strength and feel for yourself!

Design Services Sketch.jpg

Design Services ~ $60

This is the best way for you to get something unique and beautiful. Just let me know your likes/dislikes. Only I know my strengths, skills, the capabilities of my paint, each fabric, have years of training in Art, and years of experience painting wedding Gowns. Let's put that to some use!