To help you estimate the cost of your gown I have broken up my larger price scale into 4 smaller scales with reference images and notes for you. Keep in mind prices can change at will. My FAQ also has more details regarding cost for you including tips on saving money. For your convenience I do break the payment up into 3 parts and include a custom sketch and return shipping (for US cleints) with each order. 

Price Range $900 to $1300 

  • The Fabric: Typically Chiffon (1-2 layers), Tulle (3 or less Layers), or Satin Gowns that pass the "water test". No alternating fabric types (ex: Chiffon then Tulle then the Lining)
  • The Colors: Lighter colors, Easy Combinations (Colors blend well.) Less Color (ex: The top of the dress, just in a slit, only the under layers)
  • The Dress: Typically Sweep Train length or Shorter, Sheath Style (Close to body) with few folds.

Price Range $1400 to $1800

This section typically includes dresses with some aspects from the above section and below sections.

  • Lace Dress with 3 or less layers. court or smaller train, and sheath or A-line style
  • Satin gowns that fail the water test or have 5 or more colors. 
  • Gowns with large tiered layers or mixed fabrics but still framed close to body (sheath)
  • Chiffon Dresses with 2-4 layers and a train.

Price Range $1900 to $2300 

  • The Fabric: Commonly Lace, Organza, or Tulle (4 or more layers). 
  • The Colors: Rainbow, 5 or more, at times 3 colors may enter this price range due to the style of dress, for example princess style with 4 or more layers and a chapel train length. 
  • The Dress: Full gowns with many layers or very gathered fabric. Often with mixed fabric types like a layer of chiffon over tulle layers and organza then the lining.

Price Range $2400 to $3000

  • The Fabric: Lace with Many Layers and Alternating Fabrics, Horse Hair Hem in Organza. Organza mixed with Tulle in Layers or Ruffles. Typically with Beads, Rhinestones, and/or Sequins.
  • The Colors: Design Work, Color Changing, Complicated or Difficult Combos like the "Fire and Ice" dress.
  • The Dress: Rosette Style or Princess Style with Chapel or Cathedral Train.