F.a.q. & Help Articles.


Q1. What Fabric/Dress Type Can you Color?

ANY! Seriously, since this is a paint not a dye I can color any fabric and any style of dress. My Personal prefrence in order from favorite to least is as follows, Chiffon, Lace, Tulle, Organza, Satin. More about Paint VS Dye is posted Here.

Q2. HELP! I'm not sure what colors to get.

No problem, I can Help! That's what my Design Services are for. You can read more about those here. I also have some helpful info on making your own combo Here.

Q3. What is the Process?

Find a dress, or at least have a type of dress in mind. Then fill out my Avability Form and I'll guide you from there. Basically get your dress if you don't already, have it hemmed if needed, send to me at the dates booked, then I send it back colored! That's it! Want more details? Click here.

Q4. Is it permanent?

Yes, I actually use 3 different types of sedatives to ensure a strong seal. Your average wedding day plans are not going to hurt it. Go swimming if you want, the color will still be there!

Feel free to steam your dress or iron it if that is recommended for your fabric type. Just be sure to put a cloth between the iron and painted fabric.

The only thing I suggest you do NOT do is dry clean. The dry cleaning solution uses a chemical meant to remove paint. Although my paint can prob handle it, I have not tested this. For cleaning I recommend rinsing the colored area in soapy water, light scrub with a soft sponge, rinsing again and let dry.

Q5. Refund Policy?

You can read my full terms and conditions here. I have a no refund policy on all products/services I offer.

Q6. What is the Cost?

Cost depends primarly on your dress,from $900-$3000 for coloring. Click here to view more details on that and smaller scales. Also be sure to check out my tips on getting a cheaper dress or cheaper coloring in this blog post here.

Q7. Do you accept international orders?

Yes! The only diffrence is to AND from shipping are not included in the quote. I will retun acording to your instructions and then add the cost to your invoice after the dress is sent back.

Q8. How Can I Contact You?

Currently I do not offer email support, I'm still just a tiny business and need to devote my time to booked clients. As soon as I can afford it I will open it back up. In the meantime please use the blog and this faq to find your answers. Use the provided forms to submit orders and use Instagram or Facebook if you would like to leave me fun messages unrelated to orders.