Booking and Availability

The following Calendar shows BOTH pending orders and booked orders. Orders pending are held for a week then if the client chooses not to book that time will open back up. I also at times find myself ahead of schedule and in that case as well will open up my availability again. Meaning if you would like to book for a time shown to be unavaiable you can still complete my booking form and will be put on a backup list.

I dedicate one week solely to your dress and then 3 weeks of overlap with 1-2 other brides.

Obviously, the likely hood of me to be able to color your gown decreases if shown to be booked below. 


NOW the moment you have been waiting for. 

Orders are now open! & you CAN book prior to ordering your dress!

If you have your dress, 25% deposit is due at booking. If you DON'T have your dress yet a $300 deposit is required to hold your spot. Not ready to put down a deposit yet? That's totally fine, for those just interested in getting a sketch, sample, and or design services to start CLICK HERE.

Step 1 - The Availability Check.

That amazing big button right there takes you to a little form with a few quick and easy questions.

Step 2 - You will receive an email letting you know if/when I can take your order as well as the next steps to reserve your spot. 

It's easy and I'll guide you through the process. Once it's confirmed I can color your dress you will get to order sketches, samples, and design services if you would like. 

If you have any questions please refer to my F.A.Q. and other posted help articles.