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Custom Coloring


Picture your dress with color, ANY colors.
I can make that happen.

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The Simple Process

  1. Decide on a Dress

    This article can help you find one low cost.

  2. Reserve Your Dates

    You can do this anytime, but for a proper quote it’s important to know what dress you want, not just what colors.

  3. Ship/Drop-off your Dress

    Nervous about shipping? Don’t be. I have tips for you here and have not had a single dress damaged or lost in shipping.

  4. Await your dream dress!

    It will be back with you in only a few weeks.

Included With Your Order:

  • A digital fashion sketch of your dress with color.

  • Coloring each layer of fabric unless otherwise stated.

  • Sealing and setting the coloring permanently.

  • Treatment to help the fabric move and feel great.

  • Replacing/adding chain stitches, and at times even cleaning up loose threads or little manufacture errors.

  • Return shipping with full coverage (U.S. only)


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The Booking Form.

***Currently Booked Up Till February of 2020***

Please have a Dress Style in mind when COMPLETING the form.