Sample & Sketch

Sample & Sketch

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Custom Digital Sketch of your Dress with Color and Fabric Color Swatch. 

Great as a keepsake and for envisioning your dress with color!

The sketch will be printed on thick 8.5 by 11 paper and a digital copy emailed to you. Hair and Skin tone portrayed to match you!

The sample will be the same size and similar fabric to your dress. 

Sketch by Fashion Illustrator Samantha Shammas. 



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Since I include a Digital Sketch with Dress Coloring Orders, a portion of the cost ($35 reguarly) will be credited to your Dress Coloring Order once placed. Note however that if you change your dress, thus need a new sketch or if I cannot take your dress coloring order for some reason, the Sketch cost is non-refundable. 

Upon purchase, I will email you a link where you can upload images of your dress for the Sketch Artist. 

For an exact color match, I will need a physical sample of your colors. You can mail me a color reference or skip snail mail and go to a local paint store to find the color(s) you are looking for in the Sherman Williams Paint (Best selection at a Sherman Williams Store.) or you may use Behr paint brand (Pure, Muted, Shaded, or Neutrals line). 

I have their sample book and can reference your exact color just using the name and reference number.   

This is a necessary step if you would like to match color since colors do not show the same on screen as they do in person, or even from one screen to the next.

Each Tulle sample includes 3 layers of tulle and 1 satin lining layer. 

Each Chiffon and Organza sample includes 1 layer of the chosen fabric and one satin lining layer. 

Lace samples include a top layer of Lace, a middle layer of Tulle and a satin lining layer

Satin and Silk samples are one layer. 

The samples are approximately 8.5 by 11in and I keep part of them for reference for when you start your dress order.