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"I am a dyslexic 25-year-old girl ruled by an uncontrollable desire to do art of every kind almost every second of every day.  Sculpting is my passion, painting is my obsession. I add color to everything, and make art out of anything. Art is my life and I just might be determined, crazy, and skilled enough to make it in this world."

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Taylor's Videos!

Mostly How-To Videos on Ballons for now, but soon I will be teaching all sorts of stuff!



Art for Parties that is!

Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Temporary Tattoos, and Halloween Makeup.

This is a Photo Gallery of ALL my work! If you see somthing you like, just click the image for more details.  


All art and products are labeled with a price, if for sale, and can also be found on my Etsy.

If you would like a print, message me for a quote. Almost all 2D works are available for print in many sizes and on whatever you would like. Click here for ideas.

Custom Orders are ONLY available on the following items: Dress Coloring, Belly Cast Restorations, Hot Glue Corsets, Masks, and Crayon Hearts.

Party Services availabe for San Diego (near 91941 zip) see

Currently Editng this Website.

However most pages still are live!

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