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Live Life in Color

Dress Coloring & Artsy Bridal Gear

        Your Artist- Taylor Ann

      Your Artist- Taylor Ann

"Hello & Welcome! This is the colorful world of a girl, ruled by an uncontrollable desire to make Art, of every kind, everyday.  Sculpting is my passion, painting is my obsession. I add color to everything, and make art out of anything.
 Art is my life and I just might be determined enough, crazy enough, and pray enough to make it in this world."
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Crave Color? I can add some to your Dress, Veil, or even Shoes! Make your day as unique as you are. We're talking permanent, bright, limitless options for the creative soul.

Other? Prior to becoming a Bridal Artist I had a bunch of random Art stuff. We're talking a bit of everything, special effects makeup, painting, sculpture, balloon designs and more. Check it out before I sell out.